Are your circumstances suitable for a collaborative divorce?

collaborative divorceCollaborative divorce is a form of dispute resolution that allows couples to resolve conflicts and settle their differences through cooperative techniques and negotiation instead of going through long and costly litigation. Mediating your divorce gives couples greater control over the divorce process and over their decisions.

A collaborative divorce is most suitable where there are substantial assets and issues involved.

How do I kick start the process?
To kick start the collaborative divorce process, you need to engage a collaboratively-trained divorce mediation lawyer who has been accredited by the Singapore Mediation Centre. The lawyer will decide if the collaborative process or private mediation is suitable for your circumstances. Both parties will make an agreement not to go to Court, and undertake to make full and frank disclosure of any required information.

How long does the process take?
The collaborative divorce process typically takes less time than court litigation. Most couples require between four to six face-to-face meetings with their spouse as well as each party’s collaborative lawyer to resolve all of their issues.

What happens when we reach agreement?
When an agreement has been reached, your lawyers will draw up a settlement agreement to be filed in the Court as a draft consent order for approval. The Court will then seal the terms and turn them into a Court Order.

What happens if the process breaks down?
Both parties will discharge their collaborative lawyers and are left to start the litigation process on their own.

What is the difference between the collaborative divorce process and court litigation?
The collaborative divorce process requires parties to cooperate with each other to identify issues and resolve them in a non-adversarial environment. The collaborative divorce process is much less costly and time-consuming as compared to court litigation. It also allows parties to resolve their differences in a more amicable manner, thus enabling the parties to undergo less stressful and traumatic matrimonial proceedings.

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