Who is Responsible for Child Maintenance?

Both parents are responsible for maintaining the child, or providing child support. The parent with custody, care and control of the child can apply for maintenance.

child maintenance singapore

The Court may order either or both parents to pay maintenance for the child. The Order may require the maintenance to be paid to the parent having custody, care and control of the child.

Parties may also submit a parenting plan to the court laying down their agreement as to how much each parent should contribute to the maintenance of the child after the divorce. You may engage a Singapore divorce lawyer to assist you in drafting such an agreement.

How does the Court rule on Child Maintenance Orders?
The amount of maintenance to be given to your child depends on various factors, including the basic financial needs of your child, such as his education, food and lodging. Your child’s physical or mental disability (if any) will also affect the amount of maintenance.

An order for child maintenance will automatically expire when your child turns 21 years old, or when your child is financially independent.

What if Child Maintenance Costs Increase years down the track?
The parent with custody, care and control of the child may make an application in Court to vary the Order of maintenance in the interest of the child. This may be done if there is a material change in the circumstances since the Order was made, such as a substantial increase in the salary of either parent, change in health conditions, the remarriage of either parent, or if child maintenance costs increase due to unforeseen circumstances over the years.

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