Are Prenuptial Agreements Bad for Marital Health?

pre nuptial agreement

One could understand and respect the reasons why some people might decide on agreeing to a set of prenuptial agreements in Singapore, but are they really a good idea?

In certain circumstances, prenuptial agreements are a good idea, but in other circumstances they might be bad for marital health. Below, are 4 reasons why prenups could be seen as a bad idea.

  1. Prenups lack “consideration.” Prenuptial agreements in a first marriage could be seen as “take and take”, thus not making a marriage exist on an equal footing. This lack of consideration could show up later and hurt you when you are most in need. For example, is the prenup contract fair to a spouse who has cared for the matrimonial home for 20 years to the detriment of his or her own career.
  2. They show a lack of trust. They are often seen as showing a great lack of trust between two people. A prenup assumes that people feel the need to protect themselves against any harm that the other person might cause during the marriage.
  3. They show an “Escape Game” strategy. A prenup is a financial agreement. What if one party is raising kids, working part-time, keeping house and giving 100% effort in the marriage? Is it fair to give this lack of consideration?
  4. They could limit your chances of having a successful marriage. You could be seen as setting yourself up for defeat. Even if you completely trust one another, could you live with this in the back of your mind?

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