Grant of Probate and Letter of Administration in Singapore

You’ve probably heard of “probate lawyers” from time to time, but who exactly are they and what do they do? Well, probate lawyers are considered to be a certain type of estate attorney who advises representatives and beneficiaries on how to settle the final matters relating to the estate of a deceased person.

When will you need a probate lawyer in Singapore?

The assets of a deceased may be frozen, depending on whether he or she passed away without leaving behind a will. The representative of the deceased would either apply for a Grant of Probate or the grant of Letters of Administration if the deceased did or did not leave behind a will respectively. Both processes involve many different types of paperwork that need to be submitted. Hence, it is strongly advised to hire a probate lawyer in Singapore. Probate lawyers in Singapore do not only aid in the handling of relevant documents but they are also there to take the role as your executors, helping you with administering and distributing your estate.

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