Letter of Administration & its Importance

In movies, when a person passes away, you’ll see a guy in a suit reading out words from a paper, known as a will, to a certain audience, usually family members of the deceased. However, in reality, there are situations whereby a person passes on without leaving behind a will. In such cases, a letter of administration needs to be applied.

What is a letter of administration?

A letter of administration is a court order that grants a person, usually the next-of-kin, to be appointed as an administrator to manage the distribution of the deceased’s estate.

All personal administrators have to be aged 21 and above. In the event that one or more beneficiaries of the property are under the mentioned age, the law requires that at least two administrators be appointed. Singapore law also does not allow infants and bankrupts to be appointed as administrators. The grant will be made to their guardian if an infant is entitled to grant. When the infant reaches the age of 16 years, he or she may entitle the next of kin that the letter of administration will be made to.

The process of applying for a letter of administration is very complicated. A thorough check regarding any document that states the deceased’s intentions with the distribution of his estate that may have been made has to be conducted. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you seek out legal advice before soughting out a letter of administration.


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