1. What are the types of Child Custody Orders?

  • Custody
    • Relates to making major decisions for the child (e.g. education, medical, religion)
      • Joint / Sole
  • Care and Control
    • Primarily deals with where the child will primarily reside on a day-to-day basis
      • Either father / mother
  • Access
    • This is given to the parent without the care and control of the child.
      • Arrangements are usually agreed upon by both parties. There is a possibility of changes being made due to evolving interests of the child.

2. What if my wife makes things hard for me to meet my children?
It is possible for the court to grant a specific order in order to assist you in getting access to your children. This will facilitate the pick-ups and drop-offs at the Family Services, in return, reducing the potential conflicts the may arise between you and your ex-wife. You should seek advice from an experienced divorce lawyer, who can best advice you on your options going forward.

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