1. Who is responsible for the child’s maintenance?
No matter who has the custody of the child, parents will still be responsible in terms of contributing towards maintaining the children until the age of 21. Maintenance payments can be made on a monthly basis or in a lump-sum, however there are exceptional cases where the course makes special arrangements. In the event where the child is not your biological one, as long as he/she is accepted as a member of the family, you have to contribute towards the maintenance.

2. Will the maintenance amount fluctuate?
It is dependent on the situation. The parent can apply for maintenance order variation, be in to increase or decrease the amount due to the change in circumstances (e.g. tertiary education fees), unless it is already in the existing order.

3. When do I stop paying for my child’s maintenance?
Parents have legal obligations to maintain their children until they turn 21. However, in exceptional circumstances, even after they turn 21 the payment continues. Usually this will happen in cases where the child has permanent disability, it is required that the parent continues providing for them. Else if it is a temporary disability, parents will only have to provide until they child fully recovers.

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