Alternative Dispute Resolution

Singapore is recognized as the leading choice for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Asia. This accomplishment was brought about with the liberalizing of the financial industry in Singapore. With the amendments to the International Arbitration Act (Cap 143A) and the various ADR recommended by the Subordinate Courts Practice Directions Amendment No 2 of 2012, it signifies the continuous evolution of the state of ADR in Singapore. Such forward-looking changes serve to strengthen Singapore’s leadership in ADR.

Mediation is becoming an increasingly popular form of formal ADR, especially for smaller claims.

The Singapore Government has taken active steps to encourage prospective litigants to engage in mediation before turning to the courts. This is for good reason as around 80% of cases that go to mediation are successfully settled at mediation stage which is much more straightforward, as both parties must agree to cooperate fully throughout the mediation process. Thus, saving the parties precious time and money.

Mediation involves a neutral third party facilitating discussion between the disputing parties to enable them to come to an agreement in settlement of their dispute. The focus during a mediation session is on finding a solution that addresses each party’s concerns. The mediator’s role is only to assist the parties in understanding the problems and issues and to encourage the parties to talk amicably in order to come to a reasonable settlement, but without offering any legal advice to either party.

Mediation can be used to solve all kinds of disputes and is particularly useful in family, workplace and commercial matters.

Here at Gloria James-Civetta & Co, our lawyers are certified mediators and we specialise and provide services for:
Collaborative Family Practice
Divorce and Child Custody
Family Disputes
Civil Claims
Business Disputes
Commercial Disputes
Medical Disputes


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