Mediation services

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution. It provides for a more peaceful, less costly, less time-consuming and less stressful alternative to trial. There are many different types of mediation services available to cater to the different types of disputes that may arise between the parties.

For more general claims, you can consider using one of the following mediation services provided by the Singapore Mediation Centre

  • Small Case Commercial Mediation Scheme: for commercial disputes where the size of the claim is less than $60,000
  • Commercial mediation: for any form of civil dispute, ranging from banking, to construction, healthcare, employment, insurance and tenancy

For more specific claims, you can consider using the following mediation services which is catered to the different industries

  • Council for Estate Agencies Mediation Sub-scheme: for disputes between the client and licensed estate agent relating to the sale, purchase or lease of residential property
  • Council for Private Education Mediation-Arbitration Scheme: for disputes arising from services provided by private education institutions; it could range from unsatisfactory services provided, to fee refunds and disciplinary issues
  • Healthcare Mediation Scheme: for disputes between patients and healthcare institutions, it could range from patient care and management to service quality and medical fees
  • SMC-Medical Council Mediation Scheme: for disputes against a medical practitioner
  • SBF Fair Tenancy Framework: for disputes between tenants and landlords of commercial tenancies
  • IPOS Mediation Promotion Scheme: for disputes on intellectual property
  • Sports Mediation Scheme: for disputes relating to sports

For more personal claims, you could consider using the mediation services provided by the Community Mediation Centre. They generally handle disputes which are relational in nature, such as those between neighbours, family members, friends, co-workers, landlords and tenants.


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