The Right Singapore Divorce Lawyer That Makes a Positive Difference for You

There are many lawyers that can assist you in your divorce in Singapore and they may feel like a dime a dozen.

But the specialised divorce law firms are not. You don’t just want any generalist lawyer to handle your divorce but a family law firm that specializes in family law and fits you and your case.

At GJC Law, our uncompromising goal is “result oriented representation” of our clients. Our divorce’ advice is realistic, honest and aimed at giving you realistic expectations.

“Family lawyers at GJC Law focus on your case by giving sound realistic advice and expert representation.”

We have the legal experience and legal training that helps us achieve the best results for our clients. We represent both local and expat divorce clients who are about to embark on one of the most difficult episodes of their lives.

Lawyers at GJC Law are trained in Mediation, Negotiation and Collaborative Law.

Phone us at 6337 0469 or Email us. Our friendly team of family lawyers is ready to help you.