1. Who is responsible for the child’s maintenance? No matter who has the custody of the child, parents will still be responsible in terms of contributing towards maintaining the children until the age of 21. Maintenance payments can be made on a monthly basis or in a lump-sum, however there are exceptional cases where the [...]


Child Maintenance and What You Should Know

WHAT IS CHILD MAINTENANCE? According to the law, a parent’s primary role is considered to be the protection of his or her child. Parenthood is a lifelong commitment to a relationship that consists of how the child is nurtured, their financial stability, food and shelter-- the support towards the child’s everyday living costs. These various [...]

Who is Responsible for Child Maintenance?

Both parents are responsible for maintaining the child, or providing child support. The parent with custody, care and control of the child can apply for maintenance. The Court may order either or both parents to pay maintenance for the child. The Order may require the maintenance to be paid to the parent having custody, care [...]