What is a divorce process like in Singapore?

Divorce can be a very acrimonious and difficult process. It is especially hard where there are children of the marriage who may be subject to the undesirably pressurizing environment of a courtroom or a judge’s office. Hiring a Singapore family lawyer to assist you in your divorce will give you peace of mind as the … Continue reading What is a divorce process like in Singapore?


Are You Considering Divorce?

Do You Feel Your Marriage is Doomed? Then you need an ESCAPE PLAN! Planning for a divorce is all about making smart choices with a clear mind. Consider how you would like your life to be after the divorce. The more you plan ahead, the better position you will be in to make the most … Continue reading Are You Considering Divorce?

Singapore Dispute Resolution Centre

The Singapore judiciary have long encouraged people to settle their disputes outside of a lengthy trail. Hence, the government has created alternative dispute resolution as the first step to resolving a dispute, without parties turning to the courts in litigation. The State Courts Centre for Dispute Resolution provides alternative dispute resolution services such as mediation, … Continue reading Singapore Dispute Resolution Centre