What is probate?

When a person dies, the assets that they have accumulated throughout their lives need to be dealt with. If there is a Will present, it will set out what is to happen to those assets. If there is no Will , the law determines how the assets are divided. There needs to be authority given to somebody … Continue reading What is probate?


Grant of Probate and Letter of Administration in Singapore

You’ve probably heard of “probate lawyers” from time to time, but who exactly are they and what do they do? Well, probate lawyers are considered to be a certain type of estate attorney who advises representatives and beneficiaries on how to settle the final matters relating to the estate of a deceased person. When will … Continue reading Grant of Probate and Letter of Administration in Singapore

Letter of Administration & its Importance

In movies, when a person passes away, you’ll see a guy in a suit reading out words from a paper, known as a will, to a certain audience, usually family members of the deceased. However, in reality, there are situations whereby a person passes on without leaving behind a will. In such cases, a letter … Continue reading Letter of Administration & its Importance