What is a divorce process like in Singapore?

Divorce can be a very acrimonious and difficult process. It is especially hard where there are children of the marriage who may be subject to the undesirably pressurizing environment of a courtroom or a judge’s office. Hiring a Singapore family lawyer to assist you in your divorce will give you peace of mind as the divorce lawyer can take care of all administrative and legal aspects of your case.

Furthermore, the family justice system Singapore goes to great lengths to promote the amicable resolution of divorce proceedings by avoiding court litigation as much as possible. Divorcing couples with children under 21 years of age will be required to attend mediation sessions at the Child-Focused Resolution Centre. The mediator will assist parties in attempting to reach an agreement over terms of the divorce rather than litigating in court. A Singapore divorce lawyer can help you prepare for your mediation so as to protect your best interests.

Not only does this option reduce the emotional strain on parties and their children, it also controls costs of the divorce as litigation in court can be expensive. Gloria James-Civetta & Co is home to one of the largest alternative dispute resolution practices in Singapore where most of its lawyers are themselves trained in mediation. Its practice is lead by one of the best divorce lawyers’ in Singapore who has more than 20 years of practice under her belt.

Should you have any questions or need legal representation, kindly contact Gloria James-Civetta & Co on 6337-0469 for a free consultation, or email Us


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